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Happy National Picnic Month!

Do you enjoy getting out of the house and spending time outdoors? Then this is the month for you! Happy National Picnic Month - a month made for spending time outdoors and eating!

Picnics originated in France after the French Revolution when parks opened to the public for recreation. People would go to the park to relax. Families would get together to play games and bring food for the day.

As time progressed, families started to plan and get more creative with picnic venues - beaches, rivers, parks, farms, trees, even a backyard. Picnics are fun for both adults and children, which makes them the perfect family activity. Installing artificial grass only enhances the picnic experience. It can make your backyard seem like an exciting new place to visit. So “travel” to your backyard and plan this excursion for you and your family! Take advantage of the summer (especially after the past 18 months of restriction)! It’s a special month for sure. If you don’t have turf installed in your backyard yet, find a public park that does!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to create the best picnic possible!

If you’re in a public space, get there early to score a good spot! (maybe even a spot with an outdoor grill)

Don’t forget a comfy blanket to sit on!

A little bluetooth speaker can add even more fun (or just listen to the sounds of nature)!

You’re going to want to stay hydrated. Water is key for drinking and for rinsing. (If your picnic venue doesn’t have running water, bring some wet disposable towelettes to wipe hands and miscellaneous items)

The most important part of a picnic is the food! You can create something tasty and portable or get some takeout from your favorite restaurant! Don’t forget to either pack some munchies or order a few sides! Whether its chips, pretzels, trail mix, or fries, no picnic is complete without snacks to eat throughout the day! If you’re packing food from home, bring a cooler. If you’re ordering out, look for a tamper seal label and ask for utensils!

Happy National Picnic Month!

Check out some different spaces for different picnic experiences this month. You’ll definitely enjoy the fresh air, good food, fun games, and hearty laughter of this very Happy National Picnic Month!


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