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Ultra Grade Artificial Turf


*Heavy weight

*1-1/2 - 1 3/4 height​

*Infill suggested


NTS offers 3 unique Ultra grade synthetic grass products. Choices include our new Smart Blade and Cool Touch and Royal touch fibers. Choices also include small or thick blades and green or gold thatch.

Manufactured with polyethlene fibers and polyethylene thatch. Stable urethane dual backing. NO NYLON

Deluxe Grade Artificial Turf


*Lighter weight

*1 1/2 - 1-3/4 height​

*Infill required


NTS offers 4 unique Deluxe grade synthetic turf products. These come in beautiful styles for the budget minded customer.  Smart Blade and regular blade options available

 Manufacdtured with polyethylene fibers and thatch.  Stable urethane dual backing.  NO NYLON

Landscape Turf


If you are an Installer or need products for commercial applications, National Turf Supply offers a variety of products including weights, blade sizes and combinations of coloring for blade and thatch.  We offer regionally specific styles for every application. 

National Turf Supply offers several revolutionary blade systems for landscape turf styles.

"Smart Blade" memory fiber which has an amazing rebound capability from foot traffic.

"Royal Touch" blade is our softest touch product.

NTS’s new “Cool Blade" styles reflects the sun’s rays - a great choice where higher heat may be a factor.



All products are manufactured in 15 ft. widths by 1 foot increments.  Minimum order 15' x 1'.  Fast easy order fulfillment throughout North America.  Great customer service.  Contact us for orders or questions.

artificial grass
synthetic grass
artificial grass
Luxury Grade Artificial Turf
*Heaviest weight

*Infill optional​

*1-3/4 height​


NTS offers 4 unique top luxury grade artificial grass choices with our new Smart Blade and Cool Touch and Royal touch fibers.   With  these heavy grade products infill is optional.

Manufactured with polyethylene fibers and polyethylene thatch.  Stable urethane dual backing. NO NYLON

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