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Q: What are National Turf Products Made From?


A: The best artificial turf products are made from polyethylene. Polyethylene is free from lead, does not absorb pet urine or chemicals, and cleans easily. Products made from Nylon or Rubber are difficult to clean, absorb pet urine and chemicals, and contain unacceptable levels of lead. Our products are made from Polyethylene! 

Q: What is the Backing Made From?


A: Some manufacturers use Latex or bio-degradable (soy bean oil mix) or other “fillers” which will break down over time.  If backing looks thicker, feels rubbery, light & flexible, or scrapes off easily, then it is most likely latex. National Turf Supply products use a primary and secondary urethane backing which ensures that the grass blades stay in place. The same backing is used in our athletic fields to offer strength and durability. Urethane is the best backing in the market and is guaranteed to last many years. 



Q: What About Drainage?


A:National Turf products offer controlled drainage through scientifically spaced perforations. Some manufacturers claim faster drainage which will erode your sub-base drainage over time. This causes buckles and installations will eventually need to be re-done.



Q: How can I ensure order fulfillment?


A: National Turf Supply maintains well stocked warehouses.  NTS provides next day pickup within the Los Angeles area.  Products paid for by 2:00 PST will ship to destinations throughout the United States same day. 

Q: What can you tell me about Customer Service?


A: NTS maintains staff trained in all aspects of the artificial turf business.  National Turf Supply can provide assistance with training, specific installation questions and types of products to use for specific projects.  We understand that a combination of great products and good installers are necessary to satisfy customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


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