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Installation Products

turf nail
smartfill turf infill

Smart Fill


*Will not retain odors

*Will not compact 

*Cools Turf

*No Dust or Heavy Metals


Turf Odor Eliminator

You will find many uses for SmartFill.  This product will not compact

when wet making it ideal for climates with heavy moisture. It is

dust free, hypo-allergenic and non toxic for pets and people.  SmartFill will not retain any odors.

Smart PetFill will pull the urine gases towards itself like a magnet and hold it until sodium in rain water will flush out the infill, forcing it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new again. Smart PetFill will hold over 55% of its weight and will evaporate rain water slowly over time cooling the turf in warmer weather. 

Smart Petfill


*Used alone or mix with other infill

*Will soak in urine odor



pet fill turf infill

The lowest cost choice of infill for artificial turf. Our sand has been washed to cut down on the dust factor. 

Washed Silica Sand

*50 lb bags

*Quality Silica sand 

*Natural Color


Washed Silica Sand infill

A Smart rake will help you give your turf renewed life by brusing up the blades. Do not use metal rakes on artificial turf. Smart rake has awooden handle and plastic tines design to keep from pullin on the blade system. 

Smart Rake


*Designed for artificial turf

*Plastic tines
















Smart Turf Rake

Smart odor emits enzymes fo immediate results in eliminating odors. Simply hook to your garden hose to be dispensed in correct amounts

Smart Odor


*Eliminate odors

*Enzyme Formula

*Hooks to garden hose


Weed barrier is used as a weed deterrent and an added actor to hold base material.

Weed Barrier Cloth


*6' x 250'

*Weed Barrier 

Weed deterrent

Galvanized nails or staples are used to pin the perimeter and seams of the project. 

Turf Nails


*6" 60 D Galvanized

*50 lb box

Smart pads can be used in any area where fall factors may be an issue. Works well under playground equipment.

Smart Pads


*4' x 6' pads

*Thickness choices



*2 1/8"

turf cushions

Galvanized staples are used to pin the perimeter and or seams of the project

Turf Staples


*1000 per box

turf staples

New cutting edge technology. An innovation that makes seams-seamless. Seams are cut using a patterned design that makes seams invisible.

Smart Seams


*Latest seam cutter

*Makes seams invisible 

smart seam cutter
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