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Pet Products



*Short 1"

*Green with Gold thatch


Beautiful tri-color blades give a natural look to any yard at a bargain price. Polyethylene fibers and thatch. Stable urethane dual backing. *NO NYLON





artificial grass
Smart Petfill infill turf
Smart Petfill

*Used alone or mix with 

  other infill

*Will soak in urine odor


Smart PetFill will pull the urine gases towards itself like a magnet and hold it until sodium ion (Na+) in rain water will flush out the infill, forcing it through the turf into the ground making your turf virtually new again. Smart PetFill will hold over 55% of its weight and will evaporate rain water slowly over time cooling the turf in warmer weather.

Pet Turf


All National Turf Supply products are safe for pets and children.  NTS has developed a short blade product that makes it easier to clean up solids and works well in areas where infill is not practical, such as around swimming pools.

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